Monday, 25 November 2013

MS1 Exam Questions


 Analyse the front covers;


  • Masthead - GQ, stands out to readers
    Central image - Clint Eastwood, appeals to an older audience?
    Discourse and cover lines - Suggests contents of magazine, as well as who its aimed at
    Mode of address - Friendly? informal? Direct
    House style - Readers know what to expect - colour, font style, layout and design all conform to a regular pattern.
    2 main colours used - orange and white, stands out
    Tagline - highly respected magazine? Boosts image of magazine and reader
    Price - selling point 
    Men of the year issue - More reason for people to buy magazine, more people might be interested 
    Celebrity names - again makes the reader more inclined to buy and read
    Obsession of the year - story, hints at sex and love life 


    • Tagline - Claim of quality to audience, promise of pleasure

      Masthead - plain, simple, clean 

      Central image - star image, may persuade people to buy the magazine - Again, hints at the target audience being an older audience

      Discourse and coverlines -  Again, hints at an older audience for the magazine 

      Real life story of Michael Caine - makes them feel involved, more likely to buy magazine

      Mode of address - Friendly, direct

      House style - 2 colours, red and white 

      Suggest two different audiences for GQ Magazine 

      • Men - 21-35 - Highly respected magazine, may want to find out more about the man of the year etc

        Men - 50+ - because of the cover star, and some of the discourse of the magazine.

        How has the over 50 market been targeted for Saga Magazine?

        • Cover star used - Michael Caine, older man 

          Discourse - stories of childhood

          Simplistic colour scheme 

          Discourse - Ageism and the BBC

          Discourse - Cooking recipes etc

          Discuss how media texts attract different audiences:

          • Skins - teenage based, involves house parties, alcohol and drunk taking - Many young people will be able to identify with the characters within this program. Has multiple series, so is majorly successful. Can be applied to different media theories as to why audiences use this text.
          • The Green Hornet - For fans of action films - car chases, bombs etc. However, people who are fans of Seth Rogen will also watch this film. 
          • Cosmo Magazine - For females aged 18-30 - Discourse of the magazine suggests this, articles about sex and love life. Also has articles on fashion, as well as including famous cover stars that many girls aspire to be like. 

           Different representations of age in the media

          • August 2011 riots 
          • Olympics 
          • Tv shows, such as X Factor 
          •  Attack the block
          • Misfis/skins
          • 16 and pregnant
        • Old 
        • James bond 
        • Everybody loves Raymond - Marrie 

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